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Bear Left Studio website design in Worcester

Bear Left Studio, website design Worcester, works with individuals, and small to medium businesses to create a bespoke, contemporary and responsive website designed around your exact requirements. Built to work and look amazing on PC’s, tablets and mobile devices.

We love to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, and strive to build a close working relationship; working alongside you to create a website that really represents your style.

Broadwas Bumblebees site by Bear Left studio Suckley, Worcester, Worcestershire

Bear Necessities
Small website


website build

Bear in Mind
medium website


website build

Bear all
Large / complex


website build


Bear Necessities Website

One time design cost: £295
Annual hosting cost: £150 – Reduced Comprehensive Package

What you get: A compact 1 to 3 page website.
Perfect for: Small businesses who want to display key business information in an exciting way, and in a style that fully reflects their personality.
Optional Add-ons: Reduced price logo design & style guide – £100
Example websites: Click to view…



Bear in mind Website

One time design cost: £549
Annual hosting cost: £150 – Reduced Comprehensive Package

What you get: A medium sized website up to 10 feature pages, with logo design and style guide included. Sites may need detailed information, galleries, videos, testimonials, contact forms, social media integrations, etc.
Perfect for: Small businesses who may need a logo design and branding, and wish to display more detailed business information and imagery in an enticing way, and in a style that fully reflects their business needs.
Example websites: Click to view…



Bear All Website

One time design cost: £995
Annual hosting cost: £185 – Reduced Gold Package

What you get: A larger or more complex website with logo design and style guide included, and additional features such as booking systems, ecommerce, calendars, events, pop-ups or special features. Photography can be included – please contact me for further information and examples.
Perfect for: Small to medium businesses who want to use their website in a more interactive way, have particular unique requirements, and want a responsive, bespoke and contemporary designed website.
Example websites: Click to view…


Caring for your website

Hosting, Site Health, Security

Packages 1 & 2 – Annual £150 – Comprehensive
Package 3 – Annual £185 Gold

We manage your website on our fast, secure, cloud-based VPS server.

SSL certification
SSL is essential as it protects your sensitive information, is essential for protecting your website, provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

Site health
We regularly check site health, run all necessary updates, conduct and store regular website back ups.
We keep your website safe, secure and healthy while you get on with running your business.

Email addresses


You will own email addresses which match your website address.
Website name www.abearbehind.co.uk could get email addresses such as hello@abearbehind.co.uk or info@abearbehind.co.uk.
Up to two addresses included in comprehensive package, and up to five addresses in Gold package.


  • Personalised email address
  • Anti virus & spam protection
  • Calendar sharing capabilities
  • Find-as-you-type address book
  • Threaded message listings
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Auto-forwarding easily applied

Domain registration

From £17 for 2 years

Your domain name establishes the identity of your business, and picking the right one is an important part of defining your online brand. 
The price of the domain depends on the popularity of the chosen name, and which extension/s you choose. We can help you with purchasing this.

Website changes & updates

Option 1: We edit the site
£10 per half hour

At any point throughout the month you are welcome to contact us with changes that you would like made. Because not all alterations are big, we charge by the half hour. Additionally we offer graphic design services.

Option 2: You edit your site

We can set it up for you to edit your own site.

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