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How long will it take to build my website?

The aim is to build your site in around 4 – 8 weeks and we will discuss in advance the rough timeframe and agree the start date. This timeframe is dependent upon:
1. The copy being available
2. The images being provided in a timely manner
3. No unexpected changes or additions during the build.
(This may happen – but please then allow for the build time to extend accordingly)

Who writes the copy?

Our website design does not include copy writing. I will be in contact with you about what copy is required and I may suggest rough word counts for different sections. It will be your responsibility to provide the copy, and have it proof-read. It is your responsibility to ensure that any written copy is suitable, copyright free, referenced where necessary.
If you need assistance with copy and proof-reading, see below for an excellent and experienced copywriter…

Need help with marketing and SEO?

Your website will be designed in such a way as to achieve higher search rankings, including compelling title tags and meta description, optimised images, optimised page speeds, internal links, good user experience, keywords, and more.
However, for more advanced SEO copy, and for advanced marketing see a recommendation below:

Who provides the images?

It will be your responsibility to ensure that all the images are suitable, copyright free or attributed as required.
You can provide me with high resolution images, logos and photographs that you would like to be included in the website.
Bear Left Studio offers a basic photography package – see below for more information. We also fully recommend the excellent, experienced and talented Sandry Studio for clients needing professional photography. Please see below for further information.

Using stock images is another option, and if no images are provided I will use free stock images. However, this should be viewed as temporary until you find a good replacement image. I may use images from Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels. Most images on these sites are completely free to use, but some may require attribution, or come with restrictions. While I will always carefully check the restrictions before using an image, it is important that you understand that all images on your website are your responsibility. 

Can I include video footage?

Yes, and video is a great way to improve the traffic to your website! Please visit Bear Footage, our partner website, who provide video footage specifically for websites – for headers and hero sections. They can also offer promotional video accompanied by music for use on social media and as embedded videos within the website.

For more in depth promotional videos where you may want to promote your business and/or services in depth and have voice-overs, we can thoroughly recommend Natures Edge Films. Please see details below.

GDPR and Privacy Policy

Please provide a privacy policy to be included on your website. This can be written as a Word document which we can use to create a Privacy Policy page – often positioned in the footer of the website.
We can help by showing you good examples of privacy policies, but you must ensure that your policy is suitably adapted to your needs.
We will ensure that your website has a GDPR banner pop up and link to a cookies policy that we will write on your behalf.

Will I be number one on Google?

An SEO optimised site helps your website to start ranking within Google, but it does not guarantee getting to position one. It’s important to note that your site may take time to index in Google. You could contact an SEO and marketing specialist (see above), or consider other methods to improve your website’s ranking such as:

  • Regularly update and add new content to your site
  • Add internal links and develop external link backs to your website
  • Attract as many visitors as possible via advertising, social media etc.

We will provide a guidance document on various free ways that you can help promote your website and further improve your SEO.

Can I edit my own site?

You will have the option to be an editor of your site, and you will be provided with a secure login. It is vital that you keep the secure password that we give you for signing onto your site, and you do not change it for a weak password at any time.

For further security we will also set up Google authenticator which you will need to install on your smart phone or tablet. When you log into your site as an editor you will need to enter the Google generated code. This is a security measure to keep your website safe and secure.

You will be provided with video step-by-step instructions on how to edit your site yourself, should you want to. You will find the editing method straight forward and user-friendly. Please inform Bear Left Studio as soon as possible if you make any errors while editing the site. We will try to rectify any errors, and we can restore to a previous back up of the site if necessary – any changes will be charged by our hourly rate.

Can you add more to the website?

Yes. You can contact us with any changes that you need doing, and we can add extra content and pages to the site. We will give you a timescale of when the work can be done. Please contact us and we can quote for the work, or we may choose to charge by the half hour. 
Half hourly rate for 2022: £11 /half hour

Who hosts the website?

We host all our websites so that we can manage and care for the sites. It is really important for us that we don’t just design it and then pass it on. We manage all parts of the website as part of our ongoing site maintenance package. We will ensure that domains are renewed (and let you know when the renewal is coming up), that the website is regularly updated and that it is regularly backed up. Please see what is included here.
The hosting package is an ongoing care package and incurs an recurring fee which can be paid for annually, quarterly or monthly, to suit you. Please see below.

Paying for hosting

You will be offered the choice of paying your hosting annually, quarterly or monthly via direct debit. The hosting payment covers – the hosting, the SSL certificate, the email accounts, site health and updates, and website back ups.
We collect payments through ‘Go Cardless’. Payments are:

  • Simple – Setting up payment details only takes two minutes for customers to complete online.
  • Transparent – Customers will always be notified by email when a subscription is starting or one-off payment is being taken.
  • Safe & secure – Customers’ payments are fully protected if a payment is ever taken in error.
  • GoCardless is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and ISO27001 certified for security standards.

Your bank statement will show ‘Go Cardless’ when you have made a payment to Bear Left Studio

Premium Hosting

If you choose to pay for our Premium Hosting package – monthly, quarterly or annually, you will also be entitled to half an hour of website changes (or graphic design/social media assistance/newsletters/etc) included every month.
This can save £15 off the normal website alteration charge over the year, as well as enjoy the extra benefits of increased storage and generous email allowance.
The half hour allocation can only be used during one calendar month, and cannot be rolled over onto following months.
The half hour can be taken as one time slot, or it can be broken into two 15 minute changes during the month. After the half hour allocation has been used, any extra time will be charged at the standard rate: £11 /half hour.

Paying a deposit

A payment of £150 will act as a deposit.
If you plan on paying annually, your first hosting payment will act as the deposit for the site build. I will invoice you before the website build commences. Payment will be due within 2 weeks of receipt of the invoice.  You will have a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ to cancel the contract under the Consumer Contracts Regulations if necessary.

Paying the website design fee

The final website design fee will be a one off charge at the very end of the website design process. You will be invoiced once you have fully signed off the project and you are happy with the design. I will include some minor snagging time at the end of the project too. Payment will be due within 2 weeks of receipt of the invoice and the site being live.

We will have previously agreed a timescale and rough plan for launch date at the start of the website build. If you need to delay the completion or launch of the website – a month or more over what was originally agreed – then a part payment of the final design fee towards the website build may be invoiced, at our discretion.

Should you want to move

The website is owned by you once you have paid for it, and should you wish to move the website and to host elsewhere it is your right to do so. Please give us 2 weeks notice of your wish to move. We can export the files and database for you to take elsewhere, or alternatively use a free WordPress plugin to export the site. The website will have been built using our Premium Elementor Licence, so should you wish to move your site you will need to purchase your own Elementor Pro License for an individual website in order to edit the website yourself in the future. At the time of writing this license is $49 /yr. We can liaise with your new hosting provider as regards the moving of your domain.

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