VIP Website design – website in a week.

The VIP website in a week - when you know what you want, and want it done quickly!
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Shape Coaching Website design brief

Shape serves women who want to serve others. Shape serves women who want to leave an impact on the world when they leave it. Shape serves women who dream of creating an extraordinary life for themselves and others. Shape serves women to let go of the power of their fears, and trust their intuition. Shape serves women to shape their mindset and move into action.

Rajni from Shape Coaching contacted me about getting her website fast tracked and made at superfast speed.

The VIP offer – website in a week!

She had written all her copy, and had all her images ready. Her logo was ready to go, and her branding colours were sorted. She had a very clear vision of what the site needed to achieve, and she asked me to bring it all to life for her….and fast!

How I developed the website

Because Rajni had everything organised in advance, I was able to build her site within a few days. Her domain was already purchased and so we moved it over to our hosting, got the emails set up and working and then began the site build. I added in subtle touches and delicate design features, and enhanced what Rajni wanted, building upon her design and making it work in a sophisticated way.
Where I felt it necessary I brought playful elements into the design, and colour blocks to break up large sections of text. In places I condensed the text blocks into toggles or drop-downs for ease of reading.


“Becky is absolutely fantastic!

I reached out to Becky, with a very specific design for my website in mind, aligned to the brand of my business. Becky was so responsive and interested in the vision, and put me at ease immediately. I had spoken to a number of other website designers but felt like Becky was the most invested into my style, brand and design.

Becky gave me a quote and immediately got to work and within a few days had already designed the homepage. She is so quick but the quality of her work is also amazing.

She is very collaborative in her approach, and consistently checked in with me regarding progress, so I could be part of the process.

She took my design and enhanced it to make it look amazing! I am obsessed with the outcome.

Becky is professional, interested, goes the extra mile, is a great listener and she put my website together in a week!

I would highly recommend Becky, you won’t regret it.
Stay uplifted!”

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