Website design for a chicken breeder

A compact website for a chicken breeding farm in South Shropshire
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Five Turnings Farm Website design brief

Five Turnings Poultry are a family run business rearing
point of lay hens in the South Shropshire Hills. They rear chicks and sell them at point of lay as pets or egg laying hens to families. They needed a website that was homely and welcoming, reflecting the family run business and the care they take of the birds. They wanted clients to be able to easily compare the chickens by look and characteristics, and be able to contact them for information quickly and easily. 

How I developed the website

It took some time finding the perfect typography that was traditional, rustic and clear. It is beautifully contrasted with a san serif and rounded font which is very easy to read.

The colour scheme is based around whitewashed wood, rural greens and the beautiful golden brown colour of eggs.

The chickens are displayed in a grid format with a flip box which allows for easy comparison and when you hover over the boxes it displays information about each bird. This means that the website isn’t cluttered with words, but is informational where needed.

Video footage really helps website visitors feel a connection to the farm and the family.


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