Website design for a videographer

A small, compact portfolio website for a videographer in Alfrick, Worcestershire
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Natures Edge Films Website design brief

Steve from Natures Edge Films is a freelance videographer specialising in Weddings, and Corporate Videography across the U.K. His unique selling point is that his work is original, ‘real’, mesmerising and unobtrusive. He captures the true essence of the moment with stunning shots, compelling music and perfectly edited videos.
Steve has a particular fresh and modern style to his videos which needed to be integral in his website too, and of course his fantastic work had to be the star of the show! Clients need to feel mesmerised – and quickly – by the quality of his work, be able to see a wide range of examples, understand Steve’s style, and be able to contact him with enquiries quickly.

How I developed the website

Steve’s videos speak for themselves as they are so vibrant and dynamic – and so full screen video footage was really vital in being able to capture his potential clients imagination. His ‘hero’ video at the top of the page is fast paced and summarizes the various categories that he works.
The website then leads the viewer down to view full page statements and questions, which fade and interact with the viewer.
Each of the categories in which Steve works – commercial, events, weddings, cabin – is logically presented within their sections with embedded videos, and divided by full width impactful videos on autoplay. Subtle movements of falling leaves for each section are a nod to the Nature’s Edge theme of Steve’s studio.


“I’m so pleased with my finished website.
Rebecca delivered a professional service in a non intimidating way.
We don’t all understand the IT world and in particular website design and all that goes with it.
Once you’ve met Rebecca you realise you don’t need to know a thing.

Well the name of your business might help

She gets to know you and your business in a personal way allowing her to offer you great advice on creating logos and ultimately designing a unique website that is bespoke to you.

I would highly recommend you get in contact with Rebecca even if you’re just considering the idea of building a website for your business.

Don’t worry she’s not the type to baffle you with website science and give you the hard sell.

You’ll soon realise as I did that the whole process of website design can be fun, stress free and as I mentioned previously far from intimidating
Thanks Rebecca for my finished product, but also for being available at the end of the phone to offer a bit of friendly advice”