Website design for a Domiciliary Care Agency

Mercia Homecare are a unique company, specialising in the care of people living with degenerative brain conditions.
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Mercia Homecare’s Website design brief

Mercia Homecare is a brand new Domiciliary Care Agency. Located in Malvern, Worcestershire, they are a unique company, specialising in the care of people living with degenerative brain conditions.  They aim for Mercia Homecare to be the best provider of care in the home in the West Midlands, placing the values of Professionalism, Transparency and Compassion at the very core of everything that they do.
I had the pleasure of working alongside the company to create their logo and branding, which was to highlight their high level of care, ability to track & trace their vulnerable clients whereabouts, and as being part of Mercia and based in the Malvern Hills.

How I developed the website

The homepage was used to visually demonstrate the 3 main features of the services that Mercia Homecare provides, and for potential clients to learn more about them as individuals too.
I divided the homepage into 4 large photographic panels which clearly represent the services, and link off to the respective pages.
The website needed to be clean, clear and easy to navigate. It needed to demonstrate the companies caring attitude towards their clients, and be inclusive and welcoming.
Large and evocative photographs are used throughout the site to divide sections up logically, and to demonstrate that people with dementia can still lead fulfilling lives with the proper care provided.
It is easy to contact Mercia Homecare from any page using the Facebook Messenger chat facility, or be able to easily find contact details on every page. 


“An absolute gem of a company, great value and an ability to create something that stands out from the crowd. So pleased I found them!” 5 stars