Website design for an artist

A medium sized site for an artist in Herefordshire
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Vanessa’s Website design brief

Vanessa Pomeroy is an artist and sculptor living in Herefordshire. Her superb work is inspired by the Black mountains, majestic panoramas, river Wye, Welsh countryside and dramatic skies. She also explores floral subjects and paints seascapes to explore the vitality of the ocean. Her work is full of glorious colour and vibrancy!
Vanessa’s brief was for me to create a stylish, clean and simple website that was easy to navigate, and felt like walking through an art gallery where you could pause to appreciate each art piece against a plain backdrop¬† or within a frame. She wanted her logo to be classic and minimalist, reflecting her signature that she uses on her artwork.

How I developed the website

This was to be a fully pared back website – clean, white, fully minimalist and classy. The homepage features a large scrolling slideshow of sample artwork from each of the categories. It is set with a pure white top and base.
The typography chosen was also clean, minimalist san serif for the body text, and the slightest hint of decadence with the serif titles, which match the logo font. We took some time together choosing the perfect accompanying contrast colour that was grey – but it had to be the right tone of grey. A touch of the blue and mauve from the skies and ocean paintings, with a slight warmth to it. This grey became the ideal frame colour for the gallery of artwork as well as the feature header colour for the titles. The gallery format allowed each image to be opened to view in detail, along with written information and dimensions.
Right click was disabled for this website to prevent people from copying the images.


“I really have enjoyed working with Becky on this website, and feel that I’ve been very fortunate in finding such an excellent business in Bear Left studio. Becky is highly professional but also very friendly, she is also highly skilled in technology and design, yet flexible, patient, and responsive to her clients ideas. She immediately interpreted my initial outline in great designs, imagery, and flair. This has led to an updated contemporary website with visual impact, which certainly exceeded my expectations, I am very impressed with Bear Left Studio and would definitely recommend the company.”