Website design for an animator

A small, compact portfolio website for an illustrator / animator from Hereford.
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Sophie Dainty’s Website design brief

Sophie is an illustrator / animator living in Herefordshire. She uses digital ink to create her playful and often whimsical illustrations, exploring ideas of magic, light, shadows, people, Japanese culture, folk art and nature.
Sophie needed a portfolio style website to showcase her illustrations and animations. The website needed to match her style of working with lots of movement and intrigue; moving the users eye from one part of the story to the next. It needed to be playful and fun to reflect Sophie’s style and character.

How I developed the website

The full page view worked perfectly for Sophie as it allowed me to fully show off her artwork on screen whether that be moving image, as in the first hero image of the rain scene, or the full-screen fixed images of the fisherman and Japanese street scene.
As the mouse moves over these areas there is interaction that plays with the contrast, and then as you approach the ‘About Sophie’ section the mouse movement also allows you to interact with the little fish around the hook.
All backdrops are taken from elements of Sophie’s artwork, so areas where I needed a plain (ish) backdrop I used textured panels of paint gradients, or sea scenes from her children’s books.
The majority of Sophie’s website all appears on a singular page, but her portfolio pages are additional. They have plain backgrounds with galleries of her artwork which can be expanded upon for closer inspection. I disabled right-click on this website to copy-protect her work.


“I couldn’t be happier with my website! Rebecca really took the time to understand me and my business in order to make me a website that was not only elegant but accurately reflected and captured my art work and creativity.
High recommended.”