Website design for an Exhibition Designer

A medium sized site for an exhibition designer in Cardiff, Wales.
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D2zign’s Website design brief

Dan at D2zign is an experienced and talented freelance exhibition and interior designer. He wants to bring his experience in commercial design and project management into his exhibition design business, offering clients a collaborative approach with innovative and cost-effective solutions whatever their space. His work has spanned many industries, from healthcare and aerospace, to tourism and education. He has worked on many private homes, visualising houses, rooms, apartments and gardens.

As Dan is a designer and has an excellent eye for colour, space and design – he was an exacting client and had a clear idea on what he wanted his website to look like, and how he wanted his clients to feel. He was keen for his website to feel contemporary, fresh and clean, easy to navigate. His logo features a bright red colour which needed to feed into the site, but without coming across as a ‘warning’ or being overwhelming. His logo is also circular, and Dan wanted curves or circles to play a part in the website.

How I developed the website

Dan of D2zign had many exceptional images of his projects available for me to choose from, and I felt that the first impression when opening the website should be full screen slide show showcasing Dan’s excellent design work. Together we chose a suitable length of time for displaying each image before moving onto the next, and I added a Ken Burns effect to add further movement and interest. On scroll, the title ‘D2zign’ and subtitle move, increase in size and blur, which creates a powerful and unusual effect, and draws the eye down to the next full panel which poses an important question to the potential client – ‘What is Your Project?’. The client is lead through the page to observe 3 CTA sections that summarise the 3 main categories of work that D2zign can offer.

All images on the website are rounded to soften the look of the page and tie in with Dan’s request for circular features. I used movement throughout the site to create interest and intrigue as the potential client navigates the pages. The colour red appears as a subtle entity throughout the site – as button outlines, as borders and as the fetching animated circular logo above each testimonial.

The website is designed to be interactive and encourage questioning and exploration as the client explores the site. Exemplar work is displayed as portfolio galleries that can be expanded and explored in more depth, but also included throughout the site as full width, fixed images, heading and backdrops to headers and footer sections. The website is designed to maintain the interest through exploration.


“Rebecca at Bear Left Studios designed my new company website d2zign and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Rebecca listened to my brief and feedback and she was a joy to work with.”