Website design for Yoga Teacher

A medium sized site for a Yoga and Soundscapes Teacher in Ireland.
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Rasa Yoga Soundscapes Website design brief

Eleanor Dawson,  a musician and yoga teacher in Ireland. From Yoga and music we can learn to live, to listen, to communicate, to articulate from the essence of our being – to live with a zest for life! Music and yoga are both about feeling fully alive in ourselves as individuals as well as feeling profoundly connected with our fellow humans and our environment. If we give ourselves with open trust and allow ourselves to be touched, moved, then our creative juices can begin to flow and our lives bubble over with joy.

Eleanor is unusual in being able to offer both Yoga and Music together. She wanted her website to combine relationship, focus, practice, unravelling, coalescence, transformation and freedom with time, play, colour, texture, patterning, layering, sounds and silence. She loved the colours of baby pink and bay blue and wanted these to feature somehow in the site. She wanted potential clients to feel at peace and inspired when visiting her site.

How I developed the website

When I fully explored the themes, music and experiences of Eleanor I realised how much everything was based on Earth’s elements, and so we ran with this as a theme. Water featured the most heavily on the homepage as Eleanor had a very important photograph of water ripples that her father had taken. This photograph became a homepage fixed image, overlaid with the theme colours of pink and blue – and highlighted her glowing testimonials. Each page features one of the Earth’s elements and its Sanskrit form alongside it.

Rasa Yoga Sound site by Bear Left studio Suckley, Worcester, Worcestershire

The hero image features a subtle moving image of a water droplet, sending ripples out in the position where the logo sits. The feeling of the site is of peace, calmness, acceptance and serenity. The use of colour is gentle and unobtrusive.

The Yoga classes, groups and retreats are all logically laid out in calendars and in date order on the Yoga pages, allowing clients to explore what is on offer and book courses. There are strong links to You Tube, with embedded videos featuring Eleanor’s musical exploration.


Becky has been a huge pleasure to work with in creating my first website. She listened to my ideas and we were able to work as a team under her expert guidance. Her design is sensitive and beautiful, she is quick, efficient and friendly and incredibly patient! I would recommend her to anyone.