Website design for Mindfulness Teachers

A large site for a Mindfulness Teacher in Malvern. Booking courses and resources.
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Malvern Mindfulness Website design brief

Mindfulness is about being in the present, in the here and now, experiencing the moment as it is without judgement and being better able to respond to circumstances rather than react. Being mindful isn’t only about experiencing pleasant thoughts it is about being present in all of life’s situations that we encounter, being more aware of what we feel, how we feel and being better able to make calm, non-judgemental responses with loving kindness towards ourselves and others.

Sonia and Jean are both trained in Mental Health Nursing and are now experienced Mindfulness Teachers. I have worked with them for a while, and created their original site. As time moves on it is important to refresh websites so that they keep ahead of the time, and so I was delighted to rebuild their site. Jean and Sonia were keen to have a homepage where all the navigation menu was shown in picture form. They had a lot of information that needed to be logically organised and they wanted a peaceful, tranquil and calming website to set it all in.

How I developed the website

The theme of the site developed from the logo which featured a turquoise colour and also little bursts of brain connections but in a tree. I used a similar design in a very soft background throughout the site, overlaid with greys and soft turquoise. the circle of the logo led to other circles being used throughout the site for images and features. Dividing lines between sections were softened by lightly sketched dividers, and sharp edges rounded into pleasing curves.

the overall impression of the site is one of calm and tranquillity, but there is a plethora of fantastic information discoverable throughout the site, with many excellent resources. There are bookable courses, updated calendars and events, opt in forms linked to automations, embedded promotional videos.


“Becky is very approachable, listens and has created our website at a very reasonable cost. She incorporated everything and more that we asked for and continues to maintain it and tweak it in a very timely manner. We highly recommend her services.”