Website design for Mindfulness Teacher

A large site for a Mindfulness Teacher in Hampshire. Booking courses and resources.
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Mindfulness Hampshire Website design brief

Ali is fully occupied teaching MSC and supervising and training others independently as Mindfulness Hampshire, internationally with the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion in the USA and via the Mindfulness Network in the UK. Additionally, she enjoys supporting other teachers in her various roles and often has newer teachers working alongside her too. She has a deep love of the countryside and part of her practice is mindful walking in the woods each day.

I have worked with Ali, Mindfulness Hampshire for a while and had created her original site. Websites need modernising fairly regularly and so I was happy to undertake the redesign of the website. The countryside and natural surroundings of Hampshire were very important to be portrayed in Ali’s site. She wanted a very clear and logical site where clients felt comfortable, and knew how to navigate with ease to book courses and receive guidance.

How I developed the website

Because Ali’s site contains a lot of important information, it was vital to keep everything organised and logical. There is a very clear navigation menu to follow, and when clients wish to book courses they can follow the journey from information about the course – to the booking page where they can see at a glance all the information they need – to click through to a simple and easy to understand booking page where they accept the terms and conditions, complete a form and make payment.

Guidance videos, help sheets and resources are all easily attainable and logically laid out. On each page there is the option of opting into a Mailchimp mailing list, and this is all automated so that a signup receives instant affirmation and a designed automation of information sent to their email address.


“I’m delighted with a totally hassle free redesign of my website. Not only have I ended up with great functionality and style but Becky made the process so easy from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Bear Left Studio, especially to those of you who lack technical skills and sorting your website is something you keep putting off! Put yourself in Becky’s safe hands – you won’t regret it.”