Website design for an Indian Restaurant

A medium sized site for an Indian restaurant with online food ordering.
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Vasai Indian Restaurant Website design brief

Vasai Indian restaurant and takeaway is centrally located in Malvern, Worcestershire, proudly providing quality, authentic Indian food, where you can really taste individual flavours. The restaurant is about choice, let it be the variety of dishes on the menu to observing dietary requirements. They offer an established broad vegan menu, and 90% of our products are gluten free, including breads.

Pav at Vasai Restaurant wanted to allow his clients to order from a website for their ease of use, but also to improve efficiency at the restaurant and have a more stream lined service. They had investigated the price of the market leading food ordering platforms and did not want to commit to a huge initial outlay followed by a continued cut on all orders. He wanted a simple, easy to use website that offered online ordering with the option of making card payments, but without a big cut going elsewhere.

How I developed the website

The website itself is laid out in a clear and logical format, divided into halves with strong quality images and sections of text. I enjoyed taking the photographs in the restaurant to really portray the mood and ambience of the restaurant, which can only really be shown by good lighting. The excellent reviews of Vasai were important to highlight, as well as linking the excellent Tripadvisor certificates and reviews from various platforms.

I was pleased to work with Gloria Foods as an alternative food ordering platform. I added all the menu onto the system and connected the menu to the website so that clients could quickly and easily make food orders, reserve tables and pre-order food. For less that £30 a month Vasai can now receive and accept food orders in real time, have everything calculated for them, accept a variety of payment methods and have delivery costs pre-calculated. They have seen a great increase in sales since the launch of the new website and online ordering system, without any large payments or recurring cuts.


“Really personal service. Highly professional. Organised and set up the whole system seamlessly. Would highly recommend.”