Website design for an equestrian centre, Leigh Sinton

A medium sized site for an equestrian centre in Leigh Sinton. A retreat for both animals and people.
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Apples Equestrian Website design brief

Apples Equestrian offer a variety of lessons both on and off the horse and tailor what they do exactly to the rider’s specific needs and aspirations. No matter how modest or grand, all their lessons stem from communication, respect and understanding. A parent once said that for her daughter walking through the gates was like stepping into Narnia, a place of talking to animals, adventures and magic.

Because Apples Equestrian is much more than an equestrian centre, it was really important that the homepage quickly portrayed their unique selling point – that it was also about understanding the animals, being mindful and respectful, being at one with the animals. The centre is a haven for animals and people alike. Rachel wanted prospective clients to know what it would feel like to come to the centre, and what to expect in advance. It needed to feel natural, peaceful and logical.

How I developed the website

The logo needed a refresh without being completely altered, so this was modernised and refreshed.

All drone footage was shot by www.bearfootage.com. It was important to show the entry from the main gates as the first opening image, so that prospective clients can pre-experience walking into the beautiful location. On other pages the video footage shows the riding school, the animals and the fantastic surroundings.

The colour scheme I chose was a soft apple green and soft sand to represent the apple orchards on the site. The typography is all san serif, but the main title font features a beautiful sweeping ‘Q’ in respect of the horses tail.

Gentle movement is featured throughout the site, with titles gently moving in and the top menu slowly fading down, and subtle movement on the images as the mouse tracks over.


From the outset Becky understood exactly who we are and what we believe in. She brought her own creative and exciting ideas to the project and the website now has such warmth and friendly familiarity. It exactly reflects what we do at Apples Equestrian. I’d recommend Becky to anyone wanting some help promoting their business. She is also the only person I’d trust to bring a drone face to face with Apache whilst I’m sat on him! 😬 Thank you Becky. 🙂”