Website design for a Yoga Association

A large site for a aYs Yoga Association, members only site.
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aYs Website design brief

Association for Yoga Studies:
A Yoga community
For every individual
Aligning Yoga to the student
Acknowledging that every human
being is unique
Yoga’s ancient philosophy and
practice inspires us
To connect and to learn….together

A fantastic opportunity to work alongside a large organisation of Yoga teachers, managed by a board of directors and accompanying team. The logo of aYs had been around for a long time and was designed by the talented graphic designer Hilary Norman. The website was to be a hub and a safe place for existing members to gather but also attract new members and make them feel welcomed, and at ease.

How I developed the website

The logo was a strong orange and so I chose to run with the colour and make it a real feature. The branding became orange, grey and white, and featured natural, peaceful images, alongside a contemporary mix of typography.

The theme of the site was about the Yoga breath – and so as you scroll down through the site, it is all about breathing in and out, inhaling, exhaling, and the movement that causes. Text and imagery roll in and out and naturally into new sections. Where there are CTA’s the user is led through by the use of moving lottie animations. Other animations are used throughout the site, gradually developing and drawing themselves on page scrolls.

There are members only pages where paying members can access special resources and recordings.


“Becky is a designer with a brilliant combination of qualities: flair, empathy and efficiency. She gives reasons for what she does, but listens too – I would definitely recommend her services, which are also very reasonable.”