Website design for a working farm in Herefordshire

A medium sized site for a Herefordshire Working Farm - who offer camping, accommodation and sell products.
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Warren Farm Website design brief

Warren Farm sits at the top of the National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate in Herefordshire.  It is a mixed farm of 550 acres; at its highest point there is a view across 8 counties which is simply breath-taking. James and Victoria Hawkins have farmed here since 2001 and their youngest son Fraser now farms with them. Environmental management is at the heart of the business.  Through regeneration and conservation the farmland is being restored.

I was asked to develop a website that felt peaceful and relaxing to represent the way that clients would feel when they enter Warren Farm. The website needed to be minimalist, easy to navigate, and able to showcase the fantastic photographs of the farm.

Warren Farm Website

It was important for me to really maximise the fantastic photographs and the drone footage of the farm. The opening hero header of the site features an edited drone video of the farm which instantly makes the client feel relaxed. The natural logo in a white is enhanced by the moving image backdrop. I chose to use a lightweight, san-serif, uppercase title throughout the site which gently moved in an upwards direction on page scroll. Buttons and images gently appear in a peaceful way, and featured page images allow for a playful interaction on mouse scroll.


“Becky rebuilt our website in quick time a prompt, painless, and pleasurable process, very perceptive grasping what we wanted. She was efficient, sensitive, and productive. It was enjoyable working with her-someone you can trust to do the job and great value for money. Highly recommended”