Website design for a Transformation Coach

A medium sized site for a Transformation and Mindfulness Coach with membership.
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Sarah Kerr Coaching Website design brief

Working together we will get you unstuck and living a life that excites you every day.
Discover the real reasons why change has been tricky for you in the past (hint: it’s not a willpower issue). You will turbo-boost your confidence and rediscover your inner joy and start living YOUR story.

Sarah had a logo that she wanted updating, and needed a whole new brand identity and fresh look to her website. She also wanted to launch a membership site and to sell courses on her website. She needed a design that really portrayed her personality and made her potential clients understand who she was before they booked a curiosity call with her and moved forward with coaching.

How I developed the website

Sarah and I spent a good time really talking honestly about colours and and style, and we tried a few options before we both felt happy to move forward with the dark blue, gold and turquoise colour scheme. The same discussion was needed for the typography, as we needed needed a soft and friendly script font, but combined with a serif title font, and san-serif, contrasting body font. The branding needed to be spot on, and Sarah got to the point where it really felt like HER.

The dark blue worked really well as being a border that runs through each page of the site, giving it strength and structure, and tying in the block of important text.

Social media integration, and also signups linked into Mailerlite are really important. The freebies and signup forms are all linked to automations that send new signups welcome emails, free gifts and newsletters. the Facebook community is integral to the site, and is featured in various CTA’s throughout.


“I simply could not have created my website without Becky and her patience, creativity and understanding that I wanted it to be totally right, and speak clearly to everyone about what I offer and how I can help them.

She really is a pro, and is able to somehow get into your mind and understand what you want, create the feel that you want, and come up with the ideas to make the website sing, dance and come to life.

Becky, really was very patient with me and super quick at communicating and keeping me up to date with how it was all going. I felt really cared for during the process, and also reassured that Becky knew what I wanted to achieve. I would highly recommend the service I got, and am really looking forward to working with Becky on some other projects in the future, as she really is fantastic at what she does, and added to that is really genuine and friendly.

Don’t hesitate to hire Becky, if you want a professional designer that can help you create a website to be really proud of, that totally represents you or your product, that goes the extra mile and is really reasonably priced.

Many thanks Becky for everything. Sarah”