Website design for a Marketing Guru

A medium sized site for a marketing and SEO company
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Clarity Jane Marketing Website design brief

As a heart-led business owner Yvette knows that promoting your service or product in a way that’s aligned to your values and ethics is important to you, and she understands that it can feel confusing and a little overwhelming at times too. Yvette takes a holistic approach. She takes the time to understand where you are in your business RIGHT NOW and she meets you there. You work together to take your business to where you want it to be.

Yvette at Clarity Jane Marketing had a clear vision on how she wanted to present herself, she had her design guide ready and her copy perfect…and she came to me to bring it all together. She wanted a logical website that flowed effortlessly, and she wanted to ooze sophistication and class through the choice of image, layout, design and presentation.

How I developed the website

The brand colours of Clarity Jane Marketing were very soft pastel pinks and greys. Her logo had been developed already, so I had the pleasure of bringing everything together into a coherent and successful website. I further enhanced one of her pinks into a darker, more dusky pink that would be used as her colour ‘pop’ – and then this complemented the whites and greys really well.

Although very sophisticated, Yvette is a bubbly and down-to-earth character, so I reflected this in some playfulness in the site; using animated headings that flip, a bouncing CTA button, blur, growth and movement effects on the scroll of certain titles to enhance the message. The subtle ink scribble effects on the backgrounds are also a nod to Yvette’s playful side.


“Becky has been utterly superb at understanding my requirements and patient with me as I changed a few of them! Her ideas are brilliant, her creativity is refreshing and she is super quick at getting websites built. Along with all of this, I found it exceptionally helpful that Becky would suggest better ways of doing things whilst still enabling me to achieve my overall goals!”