Website design for a High School

A large site for a Secondary School in Martley, Worcestershire.
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Chantry High School Website design brief

The Chantry School provides a secure and caring environment where children are able to thrive and be happy. Excellent teaching leads to memorable learning and so excellent progress. We are a strong, friendly and caring community; visitors to the school are always impressed with the courtesy and positive atmosphere in the school. We encourage our pupils to aim high, embrace challenge and develop the resilience to achieve their highest possible potential. We want our pupils to have a wide range of choices open to them when they leave school and, so in turn, are able to take their place as valued, contributing members of society.

The Chantry school wanted a fresh look to their website. Andrew Dickenson, the Head Teacher, wanted to use the school colours of dark red, dark grey and white as the theme colours, and getting the right typography was very important so as to show the professionalism and quality of the school. There was a new promotional video that was to be featured, and it was important to have latest news prominent on the homepage.

How I developed the website

The website has a strong branding of the school colours and a subtle inclusion of the school crest rather than the traditional blazen crest in the centre of the screen. Features abnd quotes of the school fly in to catch attention rather than appear in list format. The latest news is integrated as live twitter feed and displayed prominently on the side of the home screen, crossing into the promotional video. This draws the eye down and encourgaes further exploration of the home page.

Body pages are logically laid out, and grouped into logical order on the main navigation menu for ease of use. Playful movement features on most pages, and a side navigation appears on body pages to assist in further navigation of the website.