Website design for a furniture restorer

A fun and playful one page wonder!
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Paul Davis Restorations Website design brief

Paul has served the antiques trade, private collectors and interior designers for over thirty years, and has a reputation for fine and sensitive restoration. Many of the methods Paul employs for his work would be no different to an eighteenth century craftsman, whilst using modern reversible techniques and materials when necessary.

Paul wanted his website to represent his working style, showing his attention to detail and his interest in fine antique furniture. He wanted to showcase his high quality work and at the same time have a simple and easy to navigate, uncomplicated site.

What I achieved for Paul Davis Restorations

The logo had already been designed, but I inverted the colour so as to stand out against an image of woodworking tools as the hero header.

I chose to work with a colour palette of a gold/brown, in combination with white and black. The layout I used was minimalist, with dividing colour bands to break up the main sections of information. Images are presented on white backgrounds with the option to open up into bigger media windows, so that the quality of the work can be clearly seen. Fixed background scrolling images of traditional tools highlight key areas such as the testimonials or contact form.


“Becky is a joy to work with, she makes the whole website design process seem easy and straightforward, making useful and positive suggestions and delivering the website/email package in good time and without fuss. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”