Website design for a driving school

A fun and playful one page wonder!
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Kirbs Driving School Website design brief

Ian Kirby has been teaching people to drive since 2008. He promotes Kirbs Driving School as being a positive learning experience which is fun, safe and supportive. His lessons are fun and light-hearted and he aims to take the stress out of what can otherwise be a challenging experience.

Ian wanted his website to reflect his light-hearted, relaxed approach, and to put his students at ease. He wanted the website to be minimalist, easy to navigate, to the point and playful.

Kirbs Driving School Website

The logo had already been designed, but I chose to use the bright blue colour of the logo and to make that the theme of the page.

I chose to reflect the many successes and passed students in the website hero, and as you scroll down through the site you are met with fun and playful graphic elements such as the rolling tyre, the moving typography and the angled page dividers.


“I needed a web site and bear left studios was recommended to me by a friend.
I asked for a simple easy to follow web site and what I got was far better than I imagined
Thank you for your patience and understanding of my need it is a great joy to work with you
Yes I will be recommending to others”